Where did Biodent's story begin from?
Biodent Chewing Gum was born in 2012. Since birth, it entered the market with an oral and dental care approach by chewing SugarFree Chewing Gums containing xylitol, which was approved by the FDI Dental Federation. Biodent brand is well aware of the effects of the lasting aroma and flavor of Chewing Gum in increasing people's self - confidence during social interactions. This awareness, with modern technologies and the use of natural colors and flavors, led to the creation of popular Chewing Gums that soon became popular. Biodent could be the most beloved and best - selling brand of Chewing Gum in Iran and other destination countries. Flavor diversity of Biodent Chewing Gums can attract all those who are interested in Fruit and Bubble Chewing Gum. In 2018, Biodent brand succeeded in receiving Tooth Friendly Switzerland international certification due to the huge progress that it brought Iran's chewing gum industry and attention to oral and dental health. By finding the Tooth Friendly sign on the packaging of a product, you can be assured that using it does not only harm the teeth, but is also helpful for the health of the mouth and teeth.