Health is chewable

Health is chewable

Herbal activated Carbon Chewing Gum, harmful oral bacteria destroyer.

Biodent Charcoal Chewing Gum (containing Herbal Activated Carbon) is considered as a new invention in the chewing gum industry. Herbal Activated Carbon has a high ability to absorb food residue, viruses and acids resulting from the activity of bacteria in the mouth. That's why, this amazing substance is used in some toothpastes and toothbrushes.

Other features of this Chewing Gum include the absorption of colored organic substances and reduction of teeth discoloration after consuming foods containing natural pigments and the reduction of Chewing Gum diseases. Biodent Black Gum also has a high power to absorb and expel toxins produced by bacteria in the oral environment. Herbal Activated Carbon traps bacteria in their cavities and prevents their destructive activities.

With the benefit of this effective substance, in addition to increasing immunity against viruses and destroying harmful bacteria, this innovative product is twice as powerful as other Chewing Gums in removing unpleasant mouth odor, absorbing bacteria on the surface of the tongue, and reducing tooth decay.

As always, Biodent will protect the oral health of its consumers.