Aspartame Removal from Biodent Chewing Gum products

Aspartame Removal from Biodent Chewing Gum products

Currently, aspartame is one of the knowned artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is used in many foods that use artificial sweeteners.

Energy and diet drinks, some types of Chocolates and diet Candies, Jelly Gums, Cakes, Chewing Gum, etc. are just examples of these products. But why is this sweetener used in the food industry? In fact, aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Therefore, with a small amount of aspartame, you can create the desired sweetness.

On the other hand, the calories of foods containing aspartame are lower than similar sugary foods. Artificial sweeteners should be used in SugarFree Chewing Gums for sweetening. In most parts of the world, aspartame is used for this purpose, which is a cheap artificial sweetener and is close to sugar in terms of taste. But today it has been proven that this artificial sweetener is not so harmless!

What is aspartame?

After entering the body, aspartame is broken down into its components, namely phenylalanine, aspartic acid and methanol. Methanol is a dangerous alcohol that has irreparable side effects in high amounts.

Nowadays, by becoming people familiar with the side effects of long - term aspartame consumption, such as Neurological diseases, cancer, Migraine, Heart Palpitations, etc., and on the other hand, aspartame substitutes that do not have side effects are available. It is better for us as producers and you as consumers to stay away from this dangerous combination.

why despite the existence of safe alternative ingredients, many domestic and foreign manufacturers still use aspartame?

The reason is the extremely high price of aspartame substitutes. These compounds sometimes cost up to 15 times more than aspartame and for this reason, some food manufacturers prefer to use cheap aspartame only considering their short - term benefits. On the other hand, replacing aspartame with its alternative compounds requires powerful research and development and spending time and money to change the formulation and improve it.

Since the first days of "Biodent" activity we decided to remove aspartame because we believe you deserve the best. Therefore, from the beginning along with the research activities to replace aspartame with harmless sweeteners, we also took the necessary steps to obtain the relevant permits and as soon as we received these permits, we started the production of aspartame - free Chewing Gum since August 2015.

Despite there is aspartame in Chewing - Gum of many other brands,  all of the Biodent products are free of aspartame and health - oriented sweeteners are used in them Since August 2015.